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Our consultants have developed more than half a billion dollars in successful oil and gas exploration since 1978.

A dedicated group of oil and gas consultants with over 200 years of successful combined experience, and thousands of wells in the heart of America’s third-largest oil-producing fields. Each individual on our team of is a true petroleum and geological expert. Our combined focus areas cover every aspect of oil and gas development and is fueled by a commitment to maintaining U.S. energy independence while being mindful and maintaining high standards to protect the environment.

With experience from hundreds of projects worldwide and an eye toward sustainability, we’ve focused our interests on oil and gas wells in the rich reservoirs of California. That’s not all. From lobbying oil and gas interests in Washington, D.C. to testifying as expert witnesses in court cases, we’re committed to the health of the whole industry. We’ve worked with high-income investors and consulted for some of the largest petroleum companies on the planet. If you’re looking for expertise in the oil and gas industry, we’ve got it.

Jeff Smith
Geological Engineer & Petroleum Consultant

Jeff Smith

Few oil and gas consultants offer the dependable blend of expertise and experience Jeff Smith brings to the ever-changing petroleum industry. From his start in 1969 as a geologist and geological engineer with Union Oil Company of California to his more recent work as president of Maranatha Petroleum, Inc., Jeff has been involved at almost every level of oil and gas production. He has reviewed hundreds of successful projects and supervised several thousand new wells, including 46 years of experience in the heart of California, one of the nation’s top producers of crude oil. Through his leadership overseeing the drilling and operations management of one of California’s most successful independents to his expertise with investor relations and field and lease development, Jeff brings decades of valuable business experience in the oil and gas industry to your next exploration project or court case.

  • Managed various projects for one company to develop reserves and increase oil and gas production from 1,080 to 2,700 BOPD (natural gas from 400 to 30,000 MCFPD)
  • Vision for three underdeveloped California fields and leases led to improved oil production 270x (natural gas rose 75x)
  • Decades of experience with drilling and completing wells ranging in depths between 150-11,000 feet, gravities ranging from 5°-55° API
  • Single geological review led to drilling over 200 wells and a tenfold increase in production
  • 20-year Board Member of California Independent Producers Association
  • Started and served as president of the Natural Gas Producers COOP, associated with CIPA, who fought PGE and won reduction in the transportation cost of natural gas—saving producers $500,000,000 in reduced costs

Case Studies

  • Todhunters Lake (Sacramento, CA)
50 times production increase on recompletion and drilling of 30 new wells
  • Purchased at auction from Texaco/Getty Oil in 1990 for $400,000, then sold in 2002 for $33 million
  • Shot 3D in summer 1999
  • Production rose from 400 to 20,000 MCFPD, a fifty-fold increase
  • Canfield Ranch (Bakersfield, CA)
Six times production increase from 10 recompleted wells and 10 newly drilled wells
  • Properties purchased from Mobil, Phillips, and Union from 1987-1990 at a combined value of $1 million, then sold in 2001 and 2003 for a total of $33 million
  • Recompleted 10 of 27 potential wells after review
  • Production increased from 250 to 1500 BOPD, a six-fold improvement
  • 75% sold in 2001 for $20 million
  • Remaining 25% sold for $13 million in 2003
  • Sutter City Gas Field (Yuba City, CA)
Five new wells with six-times increase in value
  • Farmed in 800 acres, shot 3D in 2003
  • After reviewing geology and 3D, drilled five new wells in 2004 at a value of $2.7 million
  • Production peaked at 3000 MCFPD; to date these wells have produced nearly 4 BCF, with income above $18 million